Our Vision and WHO WE ARE

DMV Operating Authority Cert. # PC1795. Comma Happy Limo Services is step one of owner, Jennifer Elliott’s GRAND master plan of an all-in-one EVENTS Village  Comma Happy is geared towards providing a high-end atmosphere, as well as a refined, personalized transportation service targeting customers interested in Military weddings, traditional weddings, adult and child birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, launch parties, beauty parties, fundraisers, non-profit Galas, fashion shows, girls nights, reunions, workshops, coffee meetings, Mix and Mingle Networking Events, Cocktail parties, Social gatherings, winery tours, airport transfers, Christmas light tours, concert packages, dinner/movie packages,  drive-in movie packages, corporate events such as seminars, conferences, meetings, team building meetings, as well as custom ideas and packages.

We live by the ideal that if I can lift you up today, you can then turn around and lift up the lives of many more. Our establishment is a place to relax, reflect, rest and renew, with a total renewing atmosphere. By creating a certain energy that builds an impactful, motivational, individualized experience, we offer a calm, engaging, structure that fosters success and empowerment. Our hope is to build relationships and grow self-love, knowing once you find that connection with yourself, you can then develop relationships with others that will contribute to a mentality of fortitude and vitality. Our vision is that we can inspire you to find strength in your personal adversity, rise above, then give and inspire every chance you can. Each event is an adventure of discovery, while we focus on the power of connections, both in the personal vector, and in your corporate affairs. Not only will we cater to your personal needs of events, we will also offer special packages to help build this ideal from within, keeping in mind that our hope is to reach those in need through community outreach and by giving to our community. By reaching out to our youth, to those who have sacrificed, and to individual locals, immediate and afar, we are building a space where we can gather to make a difference while offering our transportation space to serve others who have their own agenda and needs. So take a pause from your every day grind and promenade on a grandeur joy ride.

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